Website Development

Websites are business assets, but does that website attract and retain customers? Does it bring back customers? Website development is a core service provided by Roxwin and the team for over 15 years.

Roxwin builds Cloud and Web apps, these can range from Software as a Service applications, mobile application management systems and more.

Roxwin uses Silverstripe as our go to Web Content Management System (CMS), it allows you to manage your content and more via a simple to use interface. Silverstripe is a widely used CMS which is secure and highly extendable. Using the latest web technologies your website is responsive to fit on mobile phones, and very quick.

The user experience is important to attract and retain customers. Using prototyping software we will create a interactive example of your website before we implement or start building anything. This is part of our process of ensuring you get exactly what you need.

Web apps are more than websites, they are usually behind a login and can be accesses by your employees or customers to interact with data, images, forms and more. Roxwin Platform is a core solution we offer our customers which enables quick and efficient development of web app solution such as software as a service and internal web applications.

Roxwin can help you:

  • Master your online presence
  • Delve into the customer mindset
  • Increase customer conversions and retention
  • Pin-point and manage customer tracking and events
  • Build a design which entices your customers to find out more

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