Digital IT Consulting

Consulting is a word which brings up many different emotions for many different business owners. At Roxwin we prefer to think of Consulting as offering the help of a friendly expert that guides you to improve and enhance your business with IT.

Roxwin keep consulting simple, we look at ways in which IT can be used to save you time ultimately saving you money. If you’re business doesn’t use IT then we can help guide you in the right direction.

Establishing a current state of your business, processes and workflows ensures we have in-depth knowledge of how your business operates. Our business consultants will spend an average day or two with you, going through all the business processes and understand how your business operates.

Our consultants will then produce a basic report, outlining each process and potential improvements and overall business enhancements we can see. We will determine how technology (out of the box, custom, cloud and more) will save you time and money.

We can now take you through implementing these solutions within your business. Taking you and your staff through how these systems will improve your business.

Using enhanced process time tracking tools and additional catch-up meetings Roxwin will help you determine your process improvements and what they are doing to your businesses bottom line. We want to ensure you are saving where we have implemented these enhancements.

Roxwin can help you:

  • Master your online presence
  • Enhance business processes with technology
  • Increase customer satisfaction with technology
  • Save you time, increasing your profit
  • Create enhanced digital solutions

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